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AO Analyzer

​The modules in the A/O use various avenues of feedback to give you the best report possible, In this way you will arrive at the most sound conclusions 

Theta Treatment

​​​At Mary's Wellness , we use a drug-free, scientific, neurological approach to correct chemical imbalances in the brain, which are the root cause of common problems. 

Feeling Stuck

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The SiBinX 9000 Sauna is a cutting-edge therapeutic tool designed to quickly supercharge the body's natural ability to detoxify and regenerate

9D-NLB-A  AO Scanner

Intuitive to operate, 
   simple to understand and 
         reports that make sense!

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Before you consider other centers, see why our technology is the fastest, most effective, least costly way to get your life back!   In our  center we  deliver up to six powerful treatment protocols at once, ideal for dual diagnosis treatment, and all in a comfortable, relaxing setting.

Theta Chamber

Addiction, anxiety and depression 

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